Art created with Fire, Gunpowder and Smoke



Great things are on the horizon for Lisa Friedrich. In April 2016,

Lisa was a featured artist on the PBS show Minnesota Original

showcasing her unique gunpowder art. In August 2016, Lisa will

have permanent artwork on display at the new Viking Stadium.


Custom Made to Order

We create custom made to order, one of a kind prints. These prints are made from the finest gunpowder and paper to ensure our customers are getting the best quality possible.

Quality Framing

Our framing comes from the highest standards possible. Made from the finest wood and tempered glass. The framing is sure to enhance your gunpowder print and make it worthy of hanging in any Art Gallery as well as your home.

Safety First

Artistic Pyrotechnics are professionals at handling gunpowder and other flammable materials. So for your safety and the protection of others around you, please do not attempt to recreate any artwork you are about to see here.




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